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Attend or Blend Lessons

"It is our vision that students can learn at school (Attend) or at home (Blend)"

  1. All curriculum and programs of study are available online in an easy to view and understand format.

  2. All Schemes of Work, Lesson Plans and Resources are securely organised online, and easily accessible by all staff.

  3. The majority of lessons can be blended ‘live and interactively’ to allow students access to them from home.

  4. All 'blended' lessons are supported and monitored by our Blendable Control Room (BCR)

  5. All lesson resources, assignments and assessments are accessible to students anywhere.

  6. All students can upload their assignments (both paper-based and digital) from anywhere.

  7. All teacher marking and feedback is accessible to students from anywhere.

Handbooks for 'Blending' Lessons

Google Classroom

Google Classrooms - Student's Handbook

Blended Lessons

Blended Lessons - Student's Handbook

Lesson Rules

Blended Lessons - Rules